Mr.Dario Fallas


In the last month I have been practicing every 2 days, 2 hours per each practice or per day with the best players of the country and I feel well, sometimes still scare of doing some turns and fast and long runs but I think everything is fine.

I am teaching 3 hours in the mornings and 2 in the afternoons the days I donīt practice, the days I practice I take the mornings off.I will go to Europe to play the Senior Tour in July 27 for 2 months, starting in Switzerland and almost 7 or 8 tournaments.

I canīt believe that 1 year ago I was there having my surgery, I am very happy and I hope I can do well in the tournaments, that will be my way of saying "Thanks" to all of you, that's why I will practice for these 2 months as much as I can and please any advice will be very appreciate.



  Dario Fallas

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